Welcome Reception and Opening Keynote

Oct. 23, 2024
Aminah Robinson A/BC
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Chris Nikic will deliver an inspiring and compelling story of how he worked in pursuit of his dreams by achieving a goal of becoming the 1st person with Down Syndrome to do a 140.6 IRONMAN®.

Chris shares the underlying principles of his success to achieve his full potential using the 1% Better Success Habit. The speech takes you through a journey that touches on:

  1. Overcoming personal physical, intellectual, and external obstacles

  2. Dealing creatively with the external challenges amplified by the pandemic.

  3. How using the 1% Better strategy to develop a success habit helped him achieve the impossible

  4. An overview of the approach that helped Chris build a no quit grit and success mindset.

  5. Finishing with the conclusion that helped him realize most of his dreams.

Chris’s speech is powerful because of the way he makes you feel. When he’s done, you will know you can easily achieve much more in your life.

Nik explains the underlying principles of success, coaching and execution to achieve your full potential using the 1% Better System that he developed as part of his consulting firm and later modified and simplified for Chris.

Achieving the impossible doesn’t happen by accident. It happens following a process and a system. Nik explains the system he designed that was used by Chris to achieve his full potential and can be used by anyone with or without an intellectual disability to achieve their full potential.


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Fourth National Summit on Promoting Well-being and Resilience in Healthcare Professionals

October 23-25, 2024